Robertson Gravity Ventilation systems may be manufactured from a range of materials depending on their anticipated exposure to corrosive forces.

For industrial applications where damaging natural and/or man-made corrosive agents pass through exhaust ventilators on a routine basis, the highest level of protection is necessary to adequately protect ventilator components.

For applications such as these, Robertson offers a number of premier coating systems which provide predictable levels of protection in harsh environments. Our protective coating systems are based on Robertson's unique Versacor barrier coat, a 'flexibilised' epoxy developed by Robertson for its exclusive use worldwide.

In less aggressive environments lower levels of protection may be employed to safeguard the performance of the components involved.

Louvred inlet system
Science Park Adelaide, Sth Australia.

Colours and Coating Systems

At Robertson we offer a complete range of coating systems - and the widest range of colours in our industry.

We offer you the same range of coatings and colours for our ventilation products as we offer for our roof and wall cladding systems. And we offer you the same freedom to mix and match coatings and/or colours to suit your design requirements.

At Robertson we have made and applied more than 200 colours for clients to match standard and special requirements.

Some of these colours have achieved classic status. Others have been used only once to promote the corporate colours adopted by companies as part of their identity program.

At Robertson we'll formulate the special colour, or colours you request, and apply them to your ventilation systems as required, without compromise.

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Ultra-Flow vents
Tainan Incinerator, Taiwan

HM Low Profile vents
Vales Point Power Station, Aust.

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Materials of Manufacture
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