A World of Experience

Since 1918 Robertson has designed, built and installed gravity ventilation systems for thousands of industrial structures.

Our association with gravity ventilation dates way back to the days when Robertson introduced the first independently tested ventilation system for industrial structures - The Robertson Round Ventilator.

Robertson gravity ventilation systems are now in use worldwide. To help service this market and also to preserve the quality of Robertson engineered solutions, we have formed a flagship international entity: Robertson Ventilation International (HK) Ltd (RVI).

Today all the ventilation systems we offer have been independently certified in advance - which means you can be sure they will function as predicted to clear industrial interiors of fume and heat on almost any structure, at any scale.

Because they work, Robertson ventilation systems can be found around the world, all supported on the ground by Robertson's Single Responsibility Service, under which Robertson undertakes the design, fabrication and installation of appropriate systems for specific projects.

Robertson engineered gravity ventilation systems work with a minimum of fuss and power, year in and year out. Suitable for new structures, or retrofits where more sophisticated systems have quite often simply failed to deliver the Rivers of Air now required to ventilate large industrial structures.

Coleso Power Station
Early days -
Robertson Round Ventilators
Coleso Power Station, South Africa

BHP Steel
Robertson Ultra-Flow Ventilators
BHP Steel, Newcastle, Australia

Call your nearest RVI service centre and we'll design and engineer a system suited to your project.